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Winter 2010

The Kahani mission is to empower, educate and entertain. We invite children and parents to share this unique reading experience together.


Our Story


It began as a wish for more, a wish to enrich a little girl’s life with literature rich in characters and plots through which she saw her everyday reflected. From that special grandma far away to the neighborhood friends she plays with, the little girl could read about her life, her unique experiences of growing up in overlapping cultures.

Many years later, that wish has come true as Kahani, a South Asian literary magazine for children. It’s the perfect title to reflect the simple but empowering concept of the magazine: kahani, the Hindi word for story. Named by that special grandma, Kahani would be just that, a place where the stories of South Asian children—just like that little girl—would be told.

Today, Kahani illuminates the richness and diversity that South Asian cultures bring to North America. Completely ad-free, full of great stories, art, activities, and fun facts, Kahani is a must-have for any family, school, or library seeking to empower and educate global citizens.

Our subscribers range from public schools in Clark County, Nevada (the school board bought subscriptions for all of its elementary, middle, and high schools in the district), to an Oregon family who adopted their infant daughter from India, to an Indian family in far away Bermuda who want their children exposed to quality literature that reflects their reality.

We are proud that Kahani is groundbreaking in so many ways. It is the first national magazine of its kind in North America. It is also the premier platform for talented South Asian children’s writers and illustrators, both established and upcoming, to showcase their work. And as a secular and nonpartisan magazine, Kahani welcomes readers of all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

We encourage parents and children to share in this reading experience together.


Our Story

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