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Winter 2010

The biggest expenditure at Kahani is printing the actual magazine. Using four-color process and good quality paper runs into the thousands of dollars. Subscription money barely covers our operating costs. But that is true for all magazines. So, in order to cover their operating costs, most magazines publish ads in their periodicals.

At Kahani, we believe children don’t need any more advertising in their lives. Studies show that advertising targeted at children is estimated at a staggering $15 billion annually – that’s 2.5 times what it was in 1992. In a single year, the average American child is exposed to 40,000 television commercials. That’s over 100 a day!

But we are committed to keeping Kahani ad-free. And we need your help to do that.

We’d like to thank the following families for sponsoring Kahani. That is, they paid for the actual printing cost of the magazine they underwrote:

Project IMPACT
– Spring 2008– Rock the Vote

Deepika and Dr. Sanjay Prasad of Maryland
– Spring 2006 – Magic!

Rita and Mukesh Patel of California – Summer 2006 – Summer Fun

Won’t you consider underwriting an issue? Please drop us a line at if you are interested.We acknowledge every sponsor with a ‘family ad’ in the inside back cover of the magazine they underwrite. Want to help, but can’t do it by yourself? Get a group of families together!