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July 2005

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Change in Frequency

After much deliberation, we have decided to change our frequency from a bimonthly publication to a quarterly magazine. That means, we will publish four issues of Kahani a year instead of six. The main reason for the switch is financial. While our subscriptions are increasing, the numbers are not enough to offset the printing price of each issue. As you can imagine, the cost of publishing a four-color, quality stock magazine runs into the thousands of dollars. It is not cheap! But that is what we are committed to doing. And so to stay in business and continue Kahani, we need to scale back our frequency to give more time for subscription numbers to build up in between issues.

A one-year subscription (four issues) will now cost $20. A two-year subscription (eight issues) will cost $35. The price per issue, in essence, has not changed at all. It is still about $5 per issue.
If you have any questions about the new frequency or your subscription, please write to us at

Here’s something not too many people know: Kahani is financed and published by two women in Boston. Neither earns a salary from the magazine and all the writers and illustrators contribute their work for free. Yes, free.
So help us build our subscription numbers--
• Tell a friend: Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Personal recommendations often prompt people to  subscribe.
• Buy a gift subscription: At $20 for a one-year subscription, Kahani makes a very affordable gift for a birthday, Eid, or even Raksha Bandhan! We can practically guarantee it is one magazine the recipient has never read! We will even mail a customized Kahani postcard for you! Think your local library might be interested in a gift subscription too?
• Hook us up: Are you on a first name basis with your Sunday school librarian or the education reporter at the local newspaper? Put us in touch with them. We will mail them a Kahani press kit and other promotional material. Send contact information to

would like to partner with individuals or businesses to underwrite future issues of the magazine. If you know anyone or a company with a family focus interested in sponsoring Kahani, drop a line to Please note we are not selling ad space. The sponsor will get credit on the back cover only.

Upcoming Issue - July
The July Kahani is “Making a Difference.” And we are hoping that the magazine is making a difference in the lives of your children! From an in-depth tsunami Update to a quirky new math/science column called Brain Food, the next issue continues our mission to Empower, Educate and Entertain. Some inside tidbits:

Kahani has a new look. Tell us what you think.
• Can you guess what is the most popular spectator sport in the subcontinent?
• Kids home from school? We’ve got some great ideas to keep them busy and plotting!
• "Our Spotlight" puts a new twist on a traditional success story: Dr. Sharmila Shetty volunteers for Doctors without Borders.
• And for those who said we are too focused on India: cover artist Farida Zaman is originally from Bangladesh!

Upcoming issue – Fall (We need your stories!)
Just in time for the holidays: the Fall Kahani is “Creativity.” We are doing a national roundup on imaginative and original ideas South Asian families have devised to create their own traditions for the holidays. Perhaps you live in Alaska and you make diyas out of ice for Diwali! Write to us with your stories (remember to include your contact information as well) at
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