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Fall 2009

Sujata Srinivasan

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As a toddler, Sujata Srinivasan remembers being frustrated by her inability to read and write like the grown-ups. Nevertheless, she spent hours doodling all over her mother's notepads, making up nonsensical words of great importance. Over the years, the doodles turned into journalistic pieces that were published in newspapers and magazines across the U.S., where she lives, and in India, where she was born and raised.

At college, Sujata studied business management, journalism and then economics, and has worked as a television correspondent, a magazine editor, and a newspaper reporter. She also enjoys conducting creative writing workshops and workshops on India at American public schools.

During the summer, she loves to visit her family and friends in Chennai and Bangalore, India, where she indulges in mangoes, classical music concerts and dance recitals, long walks by the Marina beach, nosing through bookstores, and visiting ancient temples.

Ms. Srinivasan is married to the World's Sweetest Guy, Arun, who is also her BFF. Their home in Connecticut is filled with books, art, music and delicious food, and is often frequented by family and friends. Visit to learn more about her writing.