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Fall 2009

Sandhya Nankani

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  For the next hour, she leads us through a house filled with large bedrooms that she calls dormitories. There are so many girls in every bedroom. They stare at us, their eyes like big marbles.
  I like seeing so many girls who have my brown skin, black eyes, and long eyelashes. “Hey Mommy, don’t they kind’a look like me?” I whisper excitedly.

Excerpt from
“Made in India,”

Kahani, Summer 2006

Sandhya Nankani wrote and edited her first publication—a wordy 16-page tabloid about her middle school—back in the sixth grade. Since then her work has gotten a bit more serious, and she has learned a few neat tricks about how to make a page come to life! A few of her favorites: (1) Never use a long word where a short one will do. (2) If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out. (3) Show, don't tell. An AEP award-winning former editor at Scholastic and Weekly Reader (where she edited Writing for Teens magazine and judged its annual writing contests), she now runs her own editorial services business, Literary Safari Inc. A regular contributor to Kahani magazine, Ms. Nankani writes and edits articles, curriculum guides, and books for young readers. You can find her online at Literary Safari and at Sepia Mutiny.