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Fall 2009

Rukhsana Khan

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  Sameena, my older sister, glides into the kitchen. Hey fatty, eating again?
  Its suhoor. Im going to be fasting.
  She wrinkles her nose, But you eat so much!
  I cant help it. I get so hungry.
  Ami scolds her. Oh leave my little pudgy alone! She pats my shoulder.
  But I dont feel like eating any more. I hate it when Ami calls me her little pudgy.

Excerpt from
A Rosy Pink Eid,

Kahani, Fall 2006

Rukhsana Khan was born in Lahore, Pakistan and emigrated to Canada, with her family, at the age of three. She began by writing for community magazines and went on to write songs and stories for the Adam's World children's videos. She currently has seven books published and others under contract.

Ms. Khan is a member of SCBWI, The Writers Union of Canada, CANSCAIP, Storytellers of Canada, and the Storytelling School of Toronto. She tells tales of India, Persia, the Middle East, as well as her own stories.

Ms. Khan lives in Toronto with her husband and three children. Find out more about her at