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Winter 2010

We invite you to preview the Winter 2010: If Walls Could Talk issue of Kahani! Below is an excerpt from the most recently published magazine. To view another, please click on an underlined item from the list on the right side of this page. Click here to subscribe to Kahani.


Uncle Yusuf’s Wall

Written by Rukhsana Khan
Illustrated by Veena Gupta

   Uncle Shabir is a mean man. I don’t like calling him Uncle but I have to.
   He yells at Omar and Hassan, “Get back in the house you miserable…” I can’t hear the rest of what he says. Abugee frowns and says nothing, just keeps on laying bricks.
   Uncle Shabir comes over to us. “Who told you to build this stupid thing? I’m not paying for it you know!”
   Abugee nods, “Your brother asked me before he died. Don’t worry. No charge.”
   I almost gasp. Abugee lied! He lied! And he always told me lying was such a sin.
   When Uncle Shabir has dragged Omar and Hassan back into the house, I can’t keep quiet any longer. “Abugee! You lied! Uncle Yusuf never asked you to make this wall.”
   Abugee glances back over his shoulder at the house where Omar and Hassan are living with their mean uncle. “Can you keep a secret?”
   I nod.


Short Stories

Just Where I Belong
Written by Tina Athaide
Illustrated by Neha Agarwal

Sarika and the Mystery Girl
Written by Sachin Waikar
Illustrated by Shachi Kale

Uncle Yusuf's Wall
Written by Rukhsana Khan
Illustrated by Veena Gupta


Kahani’s Fifth Annual Young Writers and Illustrators Contest

Making Paradise on Earth

By Parul Kapur Hinzen

Vaastu: The Indian Science of Design and Architecture
By Sharad Mathur

Activity Word Find
By Rani Iyer


By Sujata Srinivasan

Language Playground
By Anu Garg

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