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Winter 2010

We invite you to preview the Winter 2010: If Walls Could Talk issue of Kahani! Below is an excerpt from the most recently published magazine. To view another, please click on an underlined item from the list on the right side of this page. Click here to subscribe to Kahani.


Just Where I Belong

Written by Tina Athaide
Illustrated by Neha Agarwal

   Where will I go?” Nani whispered, her fingers pulling at the delicate folds of her sari. “This is my home and they’re tearing it down to build apartments.”
   “Don’t worry Nani, we’ll find you a new home.” I hugged her tightly.
   As we rode the bus home, I asked Appa why Nani couldn’t just move in with us.
   “Oh, Nani would never do that,” he said. “She’s too independent. When I was growing up in Kampala, Nani always drove herself. She didn’t like using the driver. She’d hop on her scooter and putter to the market or her field hockey games,” Appa said.
   I sat quietly listening.


Short Stories

Just Where I Belong
Written by Tina Athaide
Illustrated by Neha Agarwal

Sarika and the Mystery Girl
Written by Sachin Waikar
Illustrated by Shachi Kale

Uncle Yusuf's Wall
Written by Rukhsana Khan
Illustrated by Veena Gupta


Kahani’s Fifth Annual Young Writers and Illustrators Contest

Making Paradise on Earth

By Parul Kapur Hinzen

Vaastu: The Indian Science of Design and Architecture
By Sharad Mathur

Activity Word Find
By Rani Iyer


By Sujata Srinivasan

Language Playground
By Anu Garg

Book Reviews
By Pooja Makhijani