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Winter 2010

First Place in Kahani's Fifth Annual Writing Contest

The Creepy Kites Contest 
By Vidusha Srivatsan, 8

Early one morning, Mowgli and Uncle Mano sat at the computer, grinning. They were really excited. Uncle Mano had helped Mowgli submit their online entry form to a kite-flying contest! This annual event was held at a fortress-like venue named The Bengal Tiger Castle.

Mowgli thought he was lucky to team up with Uncle Mano, because his uncle was an excellent painter, and grew up flying kites in the village fields. He knew all about making kites. Mowgli was glad the contest allowed each child contestant to rope in an adult helper.

The next thing left to do was to design their kite. They wasted no time in going to work in Uncle Mano’s backyard shed—the place where he spent his free time building and repairing things.

As they traded ideas, Mowgli and Uncle Manu realized their kite would have to be something special. Other contestants would likely have kites shaped like dragons, eagles, or pigeons. Theirs had to be unusual and exciting, like a fire-spitting turkey. Or a flying snake.

After two weeks of hard work designing their dream kite, it was finally the day of the contest.

When Mowgli and Uncle Mano arrived at the castle, they were pleasantly surprised to see it actually looked like a giant tiger.

Mowgli had chosen the “Creepy Kites” category, and Uncle Mano had asked him not to reveal their kite until it was time to launch it into the air. So Mowgli kept it carefully covered.

It was a thrilling moment for Mowgli, to walk down the castle corridors and hear Harry Potter music playing. It perfectly matched their spooky theme.

When it was their turn, Uncle Mano added his own sound effects for the kite launch in the castle grounds.

Whoosh! There it was, sailing toward the sky – a giant Cockroach! The crowd was wowed by the sight of the winged cockroach. But just as the cockroach-shaped kite took off, someone in the crowd thought the monster insect was for real. So before anyone knew what was happening, a tall, bulky man lunged for it, and squished it!

It turned out that Uncle Mano had done a fabulous job of fooling the crowd with fluttering cockroach sounds, which led to this confusion.

The referees quickly intervened, and the kite, though crumpled, was allowed to fly. In the end, the crowd was so captivated by the extraordinary sight of a colorful cockroach soaring high that Mowgli and Uncle Mano got their well-deserved applause… and, the coveted cash prize!

The crowd closed in and, suddenly, hoisted Mowgli up in the air. He smiled, closed his eyes, and enjoyed his moment of glory.

When his eyes opened, Mowgli was puzzled to see a woman vigorously shaking him. “Nakul, wake up.” It was mom. And he was Nakul, not Mowgli. It was time for school.

Oh boy! Now he had to wait a whole day for yet another adventure in his dreamland, where he can be anyone he wanted… and names didn’t matter!

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