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Winter 2010

Third Place in Kahani's Fifth Annual Writing Contest

An Unlikely Hero 
Tara Ramanthan, 10


She tried to scream, but she couldn’t. The evil warlock roughly clamped his hand over her mouth. His, glowing, purple, eyes surveyed the escape routes. Finally he made up his mind.

As he climbed down the rough stone castle wall with her still in his grasp, she stopped struggling, and wondered how the warlock looked without his mask on. She didn’t have to wait long.

Suddenly, the warlock tripped over a loose brick, and they plummeted towards the ground! Luckily, they were only two feet above the ground, so they didn’t have a hard landing. That was when it happened: The warlock’s mask fell off. The princess looked at his face, horrified.

Two Years Pass…

The raja wore his pink bunny slippers and went down the Castle Stairs. He thought about Tara, his princess, and the day she had run away, at least according to the Castle Advisors. Her room had been neat, so the Advisors had ruled out a kidnapping.

Uncle Ram, the raja’s brother, had disappeared the same day. The Advisors said that Uncle Ram had been kidnapped. His room had been ransacked, and his expensive antique mirror had been smashed and scattered on the bed.

The raja had offered a reward of a chicken in exchange for finding Tara and Uncle Ram, so it wasn’t surprising that nobody had volunteered. Now, the raja asked the Castle Announcement Maker to tell all of the commoners that the new reward was… $1,000,000,000!!


When a spunky commoner named Anamica heard the announcement, she ran between the legs of the commoners in front of the castle and right into the castle! She knocked down a startled servant, and ran up the Castle Staircase. “Howdy Doody?” she asked the raja, who looked even more startled than the servant.

“I volunteer to find Tara, I know karate!” said Anamica. “How old are you?” asked the raja. “Eleven,” said Anamica.” “Sorry,” said the raja, “you have to be 18 or over.” “Fine!” said Anamica and ran back down the staircase and away from the castle.

As she ran home, she saw a kite in the sky. It was a rainy day, but she started to follow it. As she got closer, she saw a cabin in the distance. She ran all the way to the cabin, which was a big mistake! The warlock stood in front of the cabin. He leered at her.

“Hee yah!” yelled Anamica, and in one swift karate move, she tripped the warlock and broke his ankle. “OUCHIE!” shrieked the warlock. “I WANT MY MOMMY!” Then Anamica pulled off his mask. There, on the ground, was…UNCLE RAM?!! Anamica quickly knocked down the locked door of the cabin and saw that Princess Tara was tied up! She untied Tara, and they dragged Uncle Ram to the castle. He was locked in the dungeons.

Anamica was a hero. She and Tara became best friends! The raja made a new law: Anyone could become a hero, even people under 18!

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