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Winter 2010

Third Place in Kahani's Fifth Annual Writing Contest

What's In a Name 
Sohi Shah, 7

Once upon a time there was a girl named Doobil had been born. And growing up was hard for her because of her weird name. Whenever she walked in the class and when the teacher took attendance or called her name everybody would laugh loud. Doobil was very sad and started crying. After school Doobil ran home, her mom asked “what is the matter honey? “ Doobil said it’s her name!!! Her mom said “oh! What? That cannot be the matter!”

Next day Doobil had an idea!! I’ll make a fake letter saying:.Dear Doobil, we need your support. Love uncle Diggo from the castle crown. So Doobil wrote down and brought it to school and said this is a letter that I got from my uncle saying he needs my support. The next day a letter for Doobil came saying: Dear Doobil please come, support needed. From Princess Jelica. P.S. there is a kite in the package. Then at night Doobil snicked out to the castle. When she reached the castle she saw a fight so she ran home and got a knife and ran to the castle and won the battle! So when she walked in the class next day every one clapped so Doobil’s name was never a laughing matter again .so Doobil had a lot of friends in fact all the people in the world were her friends. After school Doobil ran home she did her homework then she got out the kite she got from the princess. The color on the kite was pink, orange and yellow. The next day Doobil got a letter saying: dear Doobil support needed p.s there’s a cookie box in the package. At night Doobil got a knife then sneaked out then Doobil ran as fast as she could so she could get to the castle and she won the battle again. every time she wins a battle the more famous she gets .one day in school all the kids pushed all the tables together because they all wanted to sit with her because she is famous.

The next day Doobil got a letter saying: dear Doobil support needed from: princess jelica. jelica was close friend of Doobil. At night Doobil got a knife then sneaked out and ran to the castle and she won the battle. The next day Doobil saw the princess at school. I’m here to discuss the next battle with you said the princess. The princess made a list of the weapons Doobil needs to keep winning the battles against the bad guys. The next day Doobil got a package with a note on it. The note says weapons you need. Doobil opened the box inside there are some swords ,a blue sword and bow and arrow. Doobil knew for sure that she will win the battle. Doobil told her mom about the battles. Mom said “honey are you sure you want to fight”. Yes i am sure because I have a box of weapons said Doobil. The next day Doobil got a note saying Dear Doobil the days of battles were fun but please take this gifts as a thank you. From princess Jelica. So Doobil had a last battle and she won the battle. Then she ran to her mom and said “Mom..Mom I have completed my battles.” The next day in school everyone knew that Doobil completed her battles and they were still proud of her and liked her name and Doobil’s life was easy from now on.

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