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Winter 2010

Second Place in Kahani's Fifth Annual Writing Contest

The Adventures of the Runaway Kite 
By Shreya Jeya Ramesh, 8

Have you ever wondered how it is to be a kite? Well, I am "Rangoli", and let me tell you about my adventures as a kite. I lived in a town in India with a girl and her kite maker uncle. He was very famous and sold some of the most exquisite kites. I was one of them. Though I loved to fly in the wind I did not like to be pulled and tugged. It hurt a lot and I was sad and longing to escape. On one windy day, while the girl was flying me, she accidentally let me go. I got my chance to escape and flew away!! This was just the beginning of my adventure....

For a while I flew aimlessly. Suddenly the wind stopped and I dropped into a huge tree. I lifted up the leaves and flew inside. Wow!! It was a forest with colorful birds, animals, snakes and more. I thought that this was the perfect place to be. I crashed to the floor. It was so damp. Oh no! If the floor is so damp that must mean it rains a lot. I realized that I would never survive there. I saw a big bird which was about to fly. I clung on to it and flew away.

I flew higher and higher till I saw a beautiful mountain range with snow.

"Where am I"? I thought. I realized that it was the Himalayas. I scanned the mountains. This was an ideal place to stay. I rested on the mountain top but suddenly began slipping on the ice. "Aaaaa ...!" I realized that I could never live there since it was too dangerous. I escaped when there was a sudden gush of air.

I flew all the way till I reached the Indian Ocean. Wow!! The ocean was so beautiful, especially when the sun was setting. I was admiring the orange sky. I felt the tides touch me. They were slowly rising. A few seconds later I heard a "BOOM" and jumped. It was a thunderstorm! I cannot survive in the storm. I frantically flew away.

I flew for many days till I reached a grassy hill. I went down the hill and rested. I was tired and tattered. I looked around and saw a colossal castle!! I gave one more try. I went inside. There were many tourists. I came out. I saw a little girl crying. I went up to her.

"What is the matter?" I asked.

"You can talk?" she exclaimed!!

"I am lost", she cried.

I wanted to help. I said "I'll find your parents."...

I went inside again and spotted the frantic parents searching for their little girl.

I led the girl to them and asked her, "Are they your parents?"

"Yes!! She shouted and happily ran to them."

I was happy because I had made someone else happy.

I had finally found my place.

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