A Party in Ramadan
By Asma Mobin-Uddin, Illustrated by Laura Jacobsen
Boyds Mills Press, 2009

Book Review by Pooja Makhijani
From Kahani Winter 2010

A Party in Ramadan is a charming story about Leena, a determined Muslim girl who is invited to a birthday party—with ponies and lemonade and chocolate cake—on the first Friday of Ramadan, a day she has chosen to fast along with the rest of her family. While the other girls at the party are eating, Leena’s stomach growls and her head begins to hurt. “Why did God have to make it so hard,” she wonders. Readers will learn much about Ramadan and Iftar, the evening meal of dates that breaks each day’s fast during Ramadan. The quiet, informative text is also accompanied by warm, soft-focus illustrations.