Nobody does Holiday stories quite like Kahani. We're launching our reboot with the Classic Kahani Holiday Anthology. It's a compilation of our classic children's stories about Eid, Diwali, Christmas, Navratri and more. Enjoy!

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Kahani is a children's literary magazine that showcases the best of South Asian culture through original storytelling, art, and activities. During our seven year run, Kahani garnered several awards including a handful of the coveted Parents' Choice awards. Subscriptions reached as far away as South Korea and Japan. The magazine also helped launch the careers of a number of award-winning children's authors and illustrators, and gave birth to a close knit community of writers and illustrators that endures even today. But as an ad-free print magazine, the writing was always on the wall. Rising printing and mailing costs finally forced us to cease publishing in 2010. 
Fast forward to today. A whole new generation of children has come of reading age. And the need for diverse literature is acute as ever. Kahani stories are evergreen; what was relevant then is still pertinent today. But this time round, the magazine is going digital. No printing or mailing costs. Woohoo!


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